Education Partnership with Excelsior College

VFW, Department of Arizona receives significant savings on Excelsior College tuition and fees.
Excelsior College helps busy working adults earn the degrees they need through a variety of flexible
distance education programs. At Excelsior College, you can rely on maximum transfer of prior college
credits and credits for approved military and corporate training. Earning a degree is your best
strategy for improving your career opportunities. Whether you are in mid-career or planning for
transition, we can help you make the most of your education benefits. Our experienced academic
advisors are ready to assist you through the education process. Our financial aid officers can answer
your questions about the current GI Bills or your employer's tuition assistance and help you get
started in one of our programs. We make it affordable and manageable.

VFW AZ members, employees and their spouses or domestic partners are eligible for reduced tuition
and fees for associate and bachelor degrees.  A minimum of 12 credits through Excelsior College
online or CD ROM courses are required prior to degree completion.  To bypass the annual fee,
students would need to take a minimum of 6 credits each year.

Interested in Completing a Degree - Request a Courtesy Review
To request a courtesy review of your unofficial military and civilian transcripts through the VFW
Arizona Education Partnership with Excelsior College, contact via email or call
1-888-647-2388, ext. 1352 or fax 518-608-8142 and identify yourself as a VFW AZ member,
employee or their spouse or domestic partner and provide your VFW membership number and date
you joined the VFW.  You can be evaluated for the degree you are closest based on your credits or a
particular degree you have in mind.  A military admission counselor will contact you to discuss your
courtesy review.  Provide all your unofficial transcripts in one email or in one fax when making your
request.  Students who request an courtesy review*, will be able to by pass the application process
and fee.

*Nursing degrees are exempt from by passing the application process and fee.
To see the VFW, Dept of Arizona landing page on Excelsior College's website for more information go