Membership Benefits

For all you’ve done for our great country, you deserve the best. VFW strives to
offer quality and special offers such as insurance, hotel discounts, Internet
service and much more.

Whether you are single, starting a family or an empty-nester, we have something
for everyone.

Here are just some of your VFW membership benefits:

  • Free Honor Roll Listing

  • Personal assistance securing government benefits and entitlement's for

  • Discounts on prescriptions, hotel and car rentals

  • Eligible for membership in the Pentagon Federal Credit Union

  • VFW Real Estate and Mortgage Services

  • Dell Discount Computers

  • Subscription to VFW Magazine

  • Multiple group-rate insurance programs

  • $1,000/$1,500 Personal Accident Insurance

  • Vehicle Insurance Plan

  • Long-Term Care

  • Cancer Insurance

  • Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Prescription Drug Plans

  • Senior Term Life

  • Pet Insurance

  • Condo and Cruise Program

For more extensive information about membership benefits and VFW insurance
programs click on the related link on right.
VFW Department of Arizona
Membership Report

PROGRAM 2014-15
For Members, Posts and Districts

Early Bird Specials to a Post from
Each Division

**see October Bulletin for Details
Ski Kuczynski